The importance of integrating search and social tactics (Lydia Simpson) – INTERNET MARKETING PODCAST #340

In today´s episode, Andy is joined by SiteVisibility´s own Account Director, Lydia Simpson.
Lydia shares some of her experiences and insights regarding integrated digital marketing tactics. She also discusses Digital Marketing tools and talks about budgets, insights, measurement and management of those tools. Finally, Lydia provides some tips about how to use the information we can gather from Social Media channels and how to use that information to reinforce a digital marketing strategy.

Big trends in natural search (Kelvin Newman) – INTERNET MARKETING PODCAST #339

With Brighton SEO kicking off this week, Kelvin Newman returns to the podcast to talk about the most popular topics in the world of Search as well as some of the training courses and speakers at the upcoming event.
If you are attending to Brighton SEO and still aren’t sure which sessions you should attend, be sure to complete our quiz to find out!
You can also check Brighton SEO schedule here:

Creativity without inspiration (mind hacks) (Elena Terenteva – SEMrush) – INTERNET MARKETING PODCAST #338

Today Andy is joined by Elena Terenteva, content strategist at SEMrush to talk about mind hacks to help writers overcome their creative blocks..
Elena offers her approach to idea generation and storytelling, providing examples of creativity boosts like mind maps that will inspire writers to think outside the box.
SEM Rush Blog:

Digital Asset Management & Marketing (Mike Blom – Asset Bank) – INTERNET MARKETING PODCAST #337

In today’s episode Andy is joined by Mike Blom, product owner at Asset Bank to talk about Digital Asset Management or DAM. Mike explains what a Digital Asset is and offers his view on the process of managing those assets and the type of needs that a company may have related to Digital Assets. Mike also shares his experiences, including the most common DAM challenges and solutions for a number of different industries.
If you want to know more about Digital Asset or Asset Bank, you can visit their website at:


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