Turbocharging Website Conversions - #SEOpodcast 250

Welcome to the most popular internet marketing podcast on iTunes, hosted by E-Webstyle! Join us this week as we talk about

Create separate AdWords campaigns for mobile ads

Turbocharging Website Conversions

Testing CTA Wording

WordPress Security Primer , Adwords Setup, 2014 Golden Triangle update

WordPress Security Primer

Web site security starts with physical security you need to make sure your computer systems at the office are secure, just like you want to make sure the office door is secure. Harden all of your entry points, starting with your physical location then work your way up from there. 



Anything Networked

Connection to the internet

Server passwords

Web site and Database passwords.

Adwords Setup

Getting The Most From Your Demographics – Gerry White – Podcast Episode #266

In this week’s Internet Marketing Podcast Andy talks to Gerry White, Technical SEO Director at SiteVisibility, about the benefits that can come from having in depth demographic information. Gerry discusses how to install a third party cookie by adding an extra line of code and updating your privacy statement. He then goes into the advantages that you can get from having a third party cookie for your demographic insights.

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WordPress Security, PPC Advertising

Today you will hear Fabio talk about the relationship between PPC and Analytics, he will cover how they complement one another and how to properly use them together. Ryan will tackle the old "security by obscurity" issues, is that really security and how to better protect your WordPress to prevent possible attacks. Dave will cover how you too can eat like the stars & what he had for lunch.


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