8 SEO Practices That Are No Longer Effective - Best SEO Podcast 322

After a week off our fearless podcast hosts are back! Chris and Chuck review 8 Old School SEO Practices That Are No Longer Effective - Whiteboard Friday by Rand Fishkin, posted over at Moz.com.

How to avoid your search marketing campaign falling short of its potential – INTERNET MARKETING PODCAST #343

In today’s podcast Kelvin takes us through some practical ways to make sure that your marketing campaigns don’t fall short of their potential.
One of the main issues addressed by Kelvin, is the fact that often, the recommendations provided by SEO experts are simply not implemented.
Often this means that results aren’t achieved and the SEO activity is not appreciated. As a solution for this problem, Kelvin offers a number of principles to be persuasive and influence the right people.

The Rise and Fall of Social Media Marketing – INTERNET MARKETING PODCAST #342

In today´s Internet Marketing Podcast, Andy is joined by Paul Levy, author, senior researcher at the University of Brighton and founder of the Arts Magazine, Fringe Review.
Paul discusses social media marketing and how new advertising techniques can learn and interact with users. He also discusses the next steps in the world of internet marketing based on new technologies and where he thinks social media marketing is going.
Paul’s website:

10 Social Media Updates from April 2016 - Best SEO Podcast 321

This week Chris and Charles discuss "The Social Scoop: 10 Social Media Updates from April 2016", an article from Search Engine Journal VIP Contributor Debbie Miller.

SEO Tools to improve your market Research – INTERNET MARKETING PODCAST #341

In today´s episode Kelvin will talk about some of the most useful SEO tools in the industry.
From online research to identify trends and from free tools to freemium services, make sure to note down some of the tips that Kelvin shares in this week´s Internet Marketing Podcast.
Google Keyword Planner:
Google Insights:
Answer The Public:


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