#351: How Amazon really works - Jake Langwith

In today’s episode, Kelvin Newman introduces Jake Langwith, who talks about his experience buying and selling on one of the world’s largest retail platforms, Amazon.

Jake shares advice on ranking factors for the Amazon Search Engine, such as Descriptions, Titles and Reviews, and also some tips for anyone that wants to get started with Amazon.

#350: Setting up Google Analytics like a Pro

In today’s episode Andy is joined by Jon Hibbitt, Technical SEO Analyst, and Scott Colenutt, Product Manager at SiteVisibility to talk about Google Analytics.

#349: What technology is coming and how will it impact digital marketers? - Scott Colenutt

In today’s episode, Andy is joined by SiteVisibility’s own Product Manager, Scott Colenutt to talk about how the latest and upcoming tools and technology are likely to affect the world of digital marketing.

#348: Marketing lifestyle businesses - Graham Constantine

This week, Andy is joined by Graham Constantine, chief creator at digital freelance to talk about lifestyle businesses and some of the ideas that new entrepreneurs could use in terms of marketing.
If you are following your passion creating you own business, you will find some useful tips about Social Media, Networking and Content Marketing and some of the most common mistakes that lifestyle business people do.

#347: Creating shareable content - Steve Rayson

In today’s episode, Andy is joined by Steve Rayson, Director at BuzzSumo, to talk about how to create content that is more likely to be shared online.


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