SEO & Security are finally getting along.

Today Dave and Ryan are talking about the  new harmonious relationship between SEO and Security. Google announces HTTPS as a ranking signal and we talk about what it means for your ranking in 2015. 

In short Google is saying you should have an SSL or secure socket layer on your site, and it will help give you an SEO boost, that is great because it gives you a security boost as well.

Too many times Security (the proverbial "redheaded step child") gets ignored due to the inconvenience of it. Finally getting some love from Google, I feel Special! :)

Big SEO Data – Laurence O’Toole – Internet Marketing Podcast #273

In this episode Andy interviews Laurence O’Toole from the SEO software company AnalyticsSEO about the role big data is having in the world of search marketing. We talk about what you need to know, why it matters and what’s next…
Post from Apple Pie & Custard blog by SiteVisibility - An SEO AgencyBig SEO Data – Laurence O’Toole – Internet Marketing Podcast #273

Adaptive Content: A Trend to Pay Attention to in 2015

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Greatest Show on Earth!!

Plenty of good stuff going on in the internets, There are some security concerns and some Crypto Currency goodies to share.

Learn more about takeing crypto currency.


Facebook Promoted Posts & SEO Awards

Today Fabio and I will disuss the changes happening on Facebook re: promoted posts and reach. What it means for you and your company / brand etc... And David has a bone to pick about "SEO Awards."


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